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Budget Dialogues 2024


The past few years have been challenging and unpredictable in the NWT, with rising costs in key areas such as healthcare and expenses to respond to natural disasters straining the territory's budget. The work leading to the tabling of the 2024-2025 Budget will be critical to improving the territory’s financial position.

The Budget Dialogues 2024 are an opportunity to share your views on how the GNWT can ensure every dollar is spent in the best way to support our territory's needs.

Spending Priorities

The GNWT wants to make sure everyone in the Northwest Territories benefits from its programs and services, including Indigenous communities and people who need extra help. We're working to improve our programs so they make a real difference in people's everyday lives.

  • How do you think the GNWT should allocate its budget?
  • How would you change GNWT spending?
  • What programs and services are most important to you?

Finding efficiencies and savings

In February 2024, the GNWT launched Restoring Balance: A Fiscal Sustainability Strategy for the 20th Legislative Assembly. The GNWT is evaluating programs and services to determine where we’re duplicating efforts and inefficiently using resources. Actions resulting from implementing the Fiscal Sustainability Strategy will increase revenues or reduce expenditures by $150 million in 2024-2025 and ongoing.

  • How can the GNWT more efficiently deliver programs and services?
  • Where do you think the GNWT can find savings to support its fiscal goals?


About 80% of the money the GNWT uses to deliver programs and services to residents comes from the Government of Canada. This amount is set through standard funding agreements and formulas that we do not control.

  • What do you think the GNWT can do to increase revenues?